The five knives you need in the kitchen

Knives are one of the most important tools in a kitchen, arguably second only to the stove. Choosing the right type of knife (of the right weight, construction, materials, etc.) and the right brand for you is crucial.

But which knives should you have in your set? What do they all do, and how do they differ from one another?


These are the five knives every well-equipped kitchen needs:

Chef’s knife


chef’s knife (or ‘cooks knife’) is the cornerstone of your collection. This is the most versatile knife in your kitchen, used for almost any chopping, slicing, trimming or carving.

Usually the blade of a chef’s knife is 20cm (8”) in length, although some chefs prefer a longer blade with additional weight.


Traditionally, the blade is curved to allow a rocking motion when chopping with a minimum of force. It tapers to a point to allow intricate tasks to be performed accurately. Remember, this will be your ‘workhorse’ in the kitchen, so ensure the weight, balance and handle are correct for you.


Utility knife


A common companion to the chef’s knife is the utility knife. This is a smaller version of the chef’s knife, typically with a 10cm – 18cm blade.

The utility knife is used for finer work, making shallow cuts or incisions (such as scoring calamari, or creating cavities in a roast for garlic and herbs, and for any cutting where greater control over a small area is required. (More details here)


Paring knife


paring knife, also a valuable part of your collection, is smaller again, the handle fitting easily between the thumb and forefinger for maximum control.

It is commonly used in the preparation of fruit and vegetables, since the narrowness of the blade makes it easier to change direction mid-cut. It can be used to peel, to remove seeds and stalks, and to shape decorative shapes into fruit and vegetables.




Carving Knife


More specialised in its use, a carving knife is often a little longer than a chef’s knife, but far narrower, and without the chef’s knife’s customary curve.

It is used primarily, as the name suggests, for carving meat, particularly roasts. The shape of the straight blade makes it easier to create precise, thin slices of meat, even when slicing at the table.

A carving knife must be razor sharp to produce minimal friction on the meat, allowing you to cut easily and cleanly against the grain.


Bread knife


A bread knife has a serrated blade, around 25cm or less, which is ideal for slicing bread and pastries.

The serrated blade is long and straight to allow for even and precise slicing. It is also ideal for slicing soft fruit or vegetables where you want to avoid squashing.


Bread knives (and other serrated knives) should not generally be used with fish or meat, as the blade can damage the structure of the flesh.


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My review on the best Victorinox kitchen knife

I'm not a professional chef, but I know my way around a kitchen. One thing I never stint on is knives. Cheap knives are a waste of time--good knives are a joy forever. By "cheap" I mean badly crafted knives, not inexpensive knives, because it's always possible to find a moderately-priced knives that outperforms knives double or triple the price.

This is one of those knives.

I haven't been able to determine whether this knife is forged or stamped. The price makes me think it must be stamped, but the Victorinox site implies it's forged. No matter--either way, this is a fantastic knife.

It weighs a bit less than my Calphalon 8" chef's knife, and while I don't think the Calphalon is too heavy--many people do--I find that the Fibrox knife just feels better over the long haul--easier to manuever and control. It doesn't have a traditional bolster (another reason I wonder if it was stamped) but I find that it makes little or no difference--it's so well-balanced that gripping the front of the handle is perfectly adequate for control. (And you know what? The fibrox handle is very, very comfortable.)

Sharp? Yes, very. The reviewer who found hers to be dull must have had a knife that was damaged in some way, or somehow got past quality control, because out of the box this knife was exceeded in sharpness only by my Shun santoku.

Over the last two days, I've used this knife to trim and cube chuck steak and Boston butt, chop kale, slice chorizo, and dice roasted red peppers. I used it to carve our turkey at Thanksgiving, and it's equally at home doing a chiffonade of basil or dicing carrots. At this price, I'm likely to buy duplicates to keep both at my parent's and in-law's houses for when I cook there, because it's rapidly becoming the knife I can't work without in the kitchen.

Yes, I paid more for that santoku, but I think I like this knife better.

How I Cut the MASSIVE Steak

I was looking through my kitchen knives, wondering what I could possible use for this large hunk of meat. It was a HUGE piece of steak, that I had just recently purchased on a run down to my local CostCo.


I was excited, because my friends were going to be coming over and I was ready to serve them some juicy steak, but I just couldn't cut the meat up. I had tried many different types of kitchen knives, like my paring knife, chef's knife, and even a meat cleaver, which I thought would work.


However, that particular kitchen knife just ended up leaving a big, ugly mark on the meat. I was super disappointed when that happened. However, I persevered and I eventually found the knife of all of my kitchen knives that would work the best and finally cut this big, piece of steak.



I reached into the back of my knife drawer and behind all the other kitchen knives was a knife that I didn't normally use. It was one of those kitchen knives that looks more like a weapon than an implement of culinary arts, but it was necessary for this job. It was my long, thirteen inch slicing knife. It was the knife to rule all the kitchen knives. I literally only spent a couple minutes cutting up that HUGE piece of steak.


The piece of meat that previously had troubled me so much. I couldn't believe it!. I watched as the nice, pink juices came out of the meat, and the shiny metal of the blade shone in the light. I was impressed and enjoying myself, because of all my kitchen knives, my slicing knife was used so infrequently.


It ended up being a really good day and a great dinner with friends, despite the previous difficulties and the fact that it took me so long to pick one of my kitchen knives.

Why Plastic Cutting Board?

As been written in the cutting board reviews that I have read, plastic-type boards are probably the least expensive cutting boards which have been widely used by a lot of people all over the world. However,many will said that it is not good since plastic can easily wear off and even damage quickly.


Certainly, that is completely true but yet there are also positive aspects and some reasons why it is on the list of best cutting boards you will ever have.

It is very light and cheap, and if the board is damaged, you can simply get a brand new one. Plastic boards are convenient,it can be used for cutting, slicing and a lot more.


It is extremely easy to clean and however it is definitely not dish washer safe. It also does not damage kitchen knives which make it easy to take care of them. This type of cutting boards can be disposable so you may need to replace it once a month.


Plastic boards are usually durable and has non-slip surface area that makes chopping meat and also other foods much easier. It is definitely the best cutting board that you can get at any supermarket.


Cooking Shows Anew

I happen to be interested in cooking programs recently. Just for the reason that the producers now have altered the programs making it more captivating. They ended up being completely different from the old ones.


In days past, cooking tv shows used to be primarily designed for housewives who wished to pick up a couple of new recipes for dinner time. It had been dull when each of the items were all measured out and what the cooks would do was combine or cook them. There were much less fun and we certainly did not come across their best kitchen knives set.


Nowadays, we are able to find the cooks preparing food unplanned and in addition to that, you can find culinary contests. Spectators are able to experience the temperature of the cooking area and all sorts of dicing and chopping techniques were actually carried out then and there which makes it all appear realistic.


With the aid of the internet, we don't have to carry pieces of paper and pen to write down the recipes as well and therefore, could very well take pleasure in the show whether or not we intend to test the recipe.


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